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The libopencm3 project (previously known as libopenstm32) aims to create a free/libre/open-source (LGPL v3, or later) firmware library for various ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers, including ST STM32, Toshiba TX03, Atmel SAM3U, NXP LPC1000 and others.

Nuvola Orange.png Development

Nuvola Orange.png Getting in touch

Nuvola Red.png News

  • 2012/03/02: Project license changed to LGPL V3 or newer
  • 2011/11/01: Project renamed to libopencm3
  • 2011/10/31: Initial STM32F4 support
  • 2011/10/29: Initial STM32F2 support
  • 2011/04/02: Initial LuminaryMicro LM3S support
  • 2010/12/30: Initial NXP LPC13xx support
  • 2010/10/02: STM32 USB device stack support
  • 2009/07/20: First working STM32F1 example
  • 2009/07/15: Project started

IMPORTANT: Please note that (unless explicitly specified otherwise) all contents in this wiki (including text and images) are released to the public domain. If you don't want that, please explicitly specify another free-ish license when adding pages or images to the wiki!

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